Users who use "QUWASY" provided by ALAKI CORPORATION shall comply with the following terms and conditions.

Article 1.Use of this service

  • In this service, users will analyze Web sites owned, managed, and operated by themselves.
  • You can use this service by agreeing to these terms of service.

Article2.Prohibited matter

  • ALAKI may stop using the user's service in the following cases.
    1. The act of using the service of QUWASY by external script.
    2. When it is judged that other users will be affected by analysis of high-load site.
  • The user shall not use this service using an automatic search function etc. by a program etc.

Article 3.Attribution of intellectual property rights etc.

  • Copyrights and other intellectual property rights relating to this service belong to third parties with ALAKI or legitimate rights.
  • The user shall not act to copy, modify, translate, redistribute, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Service without prior consent of ALAKI.

Article 4.Change, suspension, and termination of this service

  • ALAKI may suspend or temporarily suspend the provision of this service in whole or in part in the following cases.
    1. In the event of maintenance, construction, obstacle or other unavoidable grounds for buildings, communication lines, servers and other equipment and related software used as a prerequisite for providing this service.
    2. This service can not be provided due to natural disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood, power outage, war, terrorism, strikes, riots, supplies and transportation facilities impossible, other situations where reasonable control of ALAKI is not beyond In case.
    3. When ALAKI confirms that the user violated the terms of service.
    4. In the event that ALAKI determines that interruption or suspension of temporary provision of this service is necessary for the operation of this service on a technical basis or for the convenience of users.
    5. Other cases arising from reasons unavoidable attributable to ALAKI's blame.
  • ALAKI shall be able to terminate the provision of this service at its discretion.
  • ALAKI shall not be held liable for any damages caused to users or third parties due to the suspension, suspension or termination of this service due to the reason specified in the preceding paragraph.

Article 5.Update

ALAKI assumes no obligation to provide repair and update version of this service.

However, depending on the judgment of ALAKI, we may provide users with an updated version of this service, or version upgrade version of this service.

Article 6.Use of acquired data

The user agrees that ALAKI uses the information acquired by this service for improving the service.

Article 7.No guarantee

  • ALAKI will provide this service(Support for this service, including this content, but not limited to this.) as it is.
    In addition, ALAKI shall not be held liable for any damages, including any express or implied warranty responsibilities, including any legal warranty liability, and any damages(Includes direct damage, lost profits, damage caused by special circumstances, damage to data, etc.) by the user, except for deliberate or gross negligence in ALAKI.
    ALAKI shall not be liable for any damages caused by injunction or compensation made by a third party to the user in connection with the use of this service, unless there is intent or gross negligence in ALAKI.
  • The user shall use this service at its own discretion and risk, and agree that ALAKI will not guarantee any damage to the user himself or third party by using this service.
    User acknowledges and agree that ALAKI is not liable for any liability whatsoever regarding the accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability, non-infringement of third party's intellectual property rights, absence of information security problems including computer viruses, etc. User agrees that they will not bear it.

Article 8.Immunity

  • ALAKI assumes no responsibility for damage caused to users in the cases of the following items.
    1. A case where a defect occurs in this service due to reasons attributable to cooperative services (service disruption, defects, changes in specifications, but not limited thereto).
    2. Any other damages incurred as a result of using this service.

(Supplementary Provisions)
This Terms of use will be effective from January 31, 2018.